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We are committed to helping commercial and industrial companies save time and money.

Wooden Stake Delivery and Supply in Western Canada

Are you a surveyor who is looking for a reliable wood stake supplier? Look no further. Redcliff Stake & Lath (1995) Ltd has a large inventory of high-quality survey stakes. We also provide our own transportation services to save you time and money! Our transport services include self-loading in remote locations, and we can transport up to 90,000 lb. We also offer 24/7 stake delivery services across Western Canada – just call for more details! For more information about our products or our transport services, please feel free to give us a call. We supply the following:

Survey Stakes

We strive to ensure our stake shipments arrive in a timely manner. Our stakes are made of quality pine, so you don’t have to worry about broken stakes in your shipments or in the field.

Reels and Spools

Every reel and spool we produce reflects the strength and longevity of our company. Our reels and spools are ideal for a wide range of wire and cable applications, including:

Power transmission, control and distribution
Certified IPPC wheels for worldwide delivery
Commercial and industrial buildings
Elevator cables
Infrastructure (wire rope, cable and conduit)
Oil, gas and marine

Mobile Home Blocking

We supply reliable mobile home blocking products to keep your home level and off the ground.

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We are happy to arrange any transportation, or delivery services you may need.

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